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Six Urban Farmers’ Markets For A Taste Of The Country In The City

These fantastic farmers’ markets around the country mean you can learn more about where your food comes from and kick plastic to the curb – all without getting a speck of mud on your Le Chameau boots.

Thanks to our love of food and all things wellness, farmers’ markets are on the rise. Fully certified Farmers’ Markets are now springing up across the UK from London to Edinburgh, alongside foodie towns like Malton.

More gourmet than your average town market, a farmers’ market introduces you to producers, teaches you about where your food comes from and expands your taste buds.

There are 10 core principals of what makes a real farmers’ market, according to the Famers’ Markets Certification Scheme, including that the food should be produced by the seller, that they champion farmers and that the seller is knowledgeable. That all sounds a very good deal for urban folk who are keen to know a bit more about where their food comes from and what they’re really eating.

London is spoiled for choice when it comes to certified farmers’ markets. The capital has one on every weekend from Marylebone to Forest Hill. Perhaps the most famous is Borough Market with fresh fish, meat, specialist vegetables and doughnuts from Bread Ahead bakery that are an international tourist attraction in themselves. Here are the best of the rest across the UK.

Marylebone Farmers’ Market, 10am to 2pm, every Sunday, Marylebone High Street, London

Pick up the weekly shop of fresh meat, fruit and veg including Chegworth Valley juices, Hurdlebrook raw milk and Longshore oysters from Norfolk. A hop, skip and a jump from Regents Park means you can get in some of your 10,000 steps too.

The Forest Hill Farmers’ Market, every Saturday 9am to 1:30pm Horniman Museum, Forest Hill, London

Arguably the farmers’ market with the best view over London, this hilltop market has a fresh vegetable stall with no plastic packaging, locally-baked breads and cakes and occasionally has plants from Kent farms. Visit the museum while you’re at it and ogle the impressive collection of taxidermy.

University of Birmingham Farmers’ Market, 10am to 3pm, University Square, fourth Wednesday of each month September to May

Birmingham has a few options for farmers’ markets, and the market on campus at the University of Birmingham is a great option. Norbury Norrest bring cider and jams while Brockleby’s have a choice of delicious pies for your supper.

Edinburgh Farmers’ Market, 9am to 2pm, every Saturday, Castle Terrace, Edinburgh

Could there be a more atmospheric farmers’ market? Edinburgh Castle looms majestically over this market on Castle Terrace. Stock up on buffalo burgers, free-range eggs, lobster and seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Clevedon Farmers’ Market, 9am to 12:30pm, fourth Saturday of the month, Queens Square, Clevedon

Clevedon is a beautiful town, so if you’re down that way, pop in on market day to snap up some of North Somerset’s finest produce on the fourth Saturday of the month. Think venison, strawberries and baked goods made with locally grown and milled flour. Pop into Midgley Green when you’re in town, one of our favourite understated lifestyle stores selling the best of British designers.

Malton Food Market, Market Place, 9am to 3pm, second Saturday of the month, Malton

Less of a farmer’s market, more of an entire region coming alive with food, Malton is at the heart of a lively food scene in North Yorkshire. Firmly on the map as a foodie destination in its own right, the town near York has a monthly food market each Saturday and food festival from May 25-26 celebrating Yorkshire’s finest. Stay at recently refurbished The Talbot and make a weekend of it. Their produce alone may be one of the reasons the Yorkshire folk humbly refer to their county as God’s Own.

Bring your own bag to one of these great markets and find more local farmers’ markets, farm shops or pick-your-own farms with this useful map from the Farm Retail Association.

Main image credit: Dane Deaner on Unsplash

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