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Welcome to The Spoils - a new digital space, for a new kind of luxury.

When we think of luxury, it’s easy to conjure sumptuous images of private jets and glittering jewels beyond our reach. But in reality, luxury is anything that feels special to you, and you alone: a hidden bar, an unknown designer, a new hotel. These indulgences aren’t status symbols - they are about embracing what brings us joy regardless of price tag or prestige.

This kind of ‘quiet luxury’ is cemented in The Spoils’ storytelling.

Life can be tough, so we want you to enjoy your hard work on the things that feel luxurious to you whether it’s culture, travel, eating and drinking, your home or style and wellbeing. The Spoils unearths the hidden gems in these areas to keep you in the know with a myriad cool voices and covetable choices.

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About The Spoils

Welcome to The Spoils from HuffPost UK, a digital space celebrating a new kind of modern luxury. We'll show you how to enjoy the little things that feel luxurious to you with features and expert recommendations on lifestyle, culture, travel, eating and drinking, your home, style and wellbeing.